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Housing Market Shows Sign of Slowing Down… or Has It?

Whether this inflation will be long lasting or transitory, there is no doubt that everyone’s affordability is being impacted. Judging at the national level, we are now at a 31-year low.

Across the nation, our food, energy, roof over our head, and other necessities are seeing noticeable price increases. The low interest rate, continue government support, and supply chain disruption are all fueling the inflation. With the fear of resurgent of COVID due to variants, we expect this
situation to continue well into 2022.

Let’s take a peek at some of the key stats and economic occurrences that are impacting the shelters of our fellow Canadians.



  • January-June continues to record strong housing starts
  • Resale activity slowing but high prices still impact affordability
  • Condo transactions show signs of life compare to last June



Toronto Housing Market
  • 11,106 of homes sold (+28% vs June 2020)
  • $1,089,536 in average price (+17% vs June 2020)
Montreal Housing Market
  • 4,619 of homes sold (-7% vs June 2020)
Vancouver Housing Market
  • 3,762 of homes sold (+54% vs June 2020)
  • $1,175,100 in average price (+15% vs June 2020)
Calgary Housing Market
  • 2,915 of homes sold (+67% vs June 2020)
  • $494,111 in average price (+7% vs June 2020)
Edmonton Housing Market
  • 2,729 of homes sold (+33% vs June 2020)
  • $398,229 in average price (+11% vs June 2020)



Canada Affordable Housing Initiatives

A budget was proposed to give CMHC $2.5B over 7 years. The goal is to support vulnerable Canadians by building, repair, or maintain 35K affordable housing units. The projects are across that nation.

Bidding Wars Extended to Rental Market

High residential prices have ripple effect on the rental market. Situation is even more dire for the single-family homes that cost $3-4K+ per month. As Dana Senagama, economist with CMHC said, “Traditionally, whenever there’s a very heated ownership market, it almost duplicates itself in the rental market.”

3rd Consecutive Month of Declining in Home Sales

While national housing activity has dropped significantly versus Q1. As a comparison, national Sales-to-New-Listing Ratio (SNLR) is at 69% in June versus 91% in January. Being above 60% in the ratio means we are still in the seller’s market. MLS Home Price Index reflected that with 0.9% rise month-over-month.

Over Half of Home Buyers are Borrowing the Max

CMHC found 65% of recent home buyers are pushing their budget to the maximum. Bidding wars intensified the issue. In addition, it is not uncommon that first time home buyers get surprised by the higher than expected closing costs.

Change in CMHC to Qualify More Borrowers

At the beginning of the pandemic, CMHC tightened policy on mortgage insurance, which is required for home buyers with less than 20% down payment. They lost share to other insurers so they just reversed their policy in hope to gain back businesses. This translates to more options to help higher leveraged borrowers to get the required mortgage insurance.

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Data sourced from the regional Real Estate Boards, Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC), and various other sources as specified below. Any analysis or commentary is the opinion of the analyst(s) at ITW Construction Products Canada and should not be construed as investment advice.


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